New Additions to the Golf Cart Fleet at Luton Hoo

Push, pull, carry or ride?  With Luton Hoo’s 15 electric golf carts available for hire for your round on this beautiful championship 18 hole par 73 course, the choice is yours.


Luton Hoo has invested in some new additions to their fleet, with a technical spec’ second to none.  The 9 inch screens have integral GPS units which not only display maps of each hole throughout your round, showing the appropriate yardages for your next shot, but also feature virtual GEO ‘fencing’, helping navigation around the six holes with water hazards on the course!


The buggies are automatically restricted from entering out-of-bounds tees, greens, deep rough and bunkers, so golfers won’t miss out on the health benefits of walking part of the 7,107 yard course (6km).  Add to this the wonderful uninterrupted countryside views with picturesque tee shots overlooking the 1,065 acre estate, your health and wellbeing box is well and truly ticked.  The same applies to the environment too – these high performance buggies are eco-friendly with noise and pollution kept to a minimum with zero rated emissions.


Did you know that the average 18 hole round potentially incurs more than 100 golf bag lift & drops? Plus your extras can be packed on board too (drinks/snacks/change of jacket). So hiring a cart conserves your energy and allows you to contribute all your focus towards your next shot (in theory leading to a better round?)  …and if you’ve got energy to spare for some post-game golf etiquette - food and beverage can also be ordered directly from the buggy’s screen in readiness for a spot of après golf R&R in the Country Club’s 19th bar, Adam’s Bar or Adam’s Brasserie.


Benefits offered by these golf buggies may mean you’ll never want to go back to carrying your own bag around the course.  Why not hire one, priced at £35.00 per round, and give it a try.


Enquire with our team by contacting the Pro Shop on or 01582 698856.